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We believe that people with big ambitions and big ideas need a very different kind of coach:

A trusted, objective coach and collaborator who shares your desire to go big. Someone who skilfully challenges, pushes creativity, encourages risk, unsticks problems and is there to celebrate and support through the inevitable successes and failures along the way.

Living big is not easy. That’s where Tiger for a Day comes in - to focus you on getting strong and living every day with passion and self-belief through the challenges of making big dreams become a reality.

We use a unique mix of coaching and creative tools and experiences to prepare and position individuals and teams to meet their biggest challenges and opportunities with passion, energy and confidence.

Much like a tiger does.





“Better be a tiger for a day than a sheep for a lifetime”

- Tibetan Maxim





We work with you to take stock, get clear on what you really want, create a plan and then get after it. Here’s how:


The Power of Humans

We believe people can achieve more than they ever think they can - much more. We ask big questions, challenge assumptions, break down barriers and guide you back into the world feeling mighty and with a plan to deliver big impact.


Creative Genius

We grew up in the most innovative organisations in the world. It’s in our DNA. We are collaborators and co-creators - mixing up brand smarts and creative tools to get you to big, sharp ideas and solutions. It also means we don’t have rules around how we work and what we do - we’re open to all sorts of ways of working that utilise our skills to get the job done.


Think Global

We have lived and worked around the world and have developed creative solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges (just minor things like world poverty…). Our clients have too and bring perspectives and experiences that keep us constantly curious and evolving.


Corporate Savvy

We’ve been senior players in the corporate world. We speak the lingo and know that some things you just can’t control. We use individual coaching and team workshops to focus you on what you want to achieve, on building trust, bravery and connectedness and ultimately walking away with the confidence to deliver your plan.


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We work with a wide array of individuals and corporate clients, non-profits, social enterprises and start-ups, and with teams and individuals across all ages and seniority.

Diversity is our life-blood and our inspiration. Our clients live, work and herald from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Who are our clients?

  • A pioneering entrepreneur working to create a new supply chain in East Africa.
  • Two of the highest performing, brand and creative teams in the corporate world.
  • A leader preparing to run for public office.
  • A senior leader with responsibility for investing hundreds of millions of pounds into vital international aid programmes.
  • A CEO in the arts world committed to creating a world-class team.
  • A young woman attempting a gutsy career move that will change her life and the lives of others.

Through our Shine for Women collaboration, we also run workshops and events for hundreds of women who aspire to raise their game, have bigger impact and become true role models.

Participants are challenged and coached to build a bigger vision and plan that gives renewed energy and focus to their professional and personal lives.



“What binds everyone we work with is a shared desire and passion to unleash their potential and have massive impact in their own lives and in the world."



Tiger for a Day - Caroline WhaleyCaroline Whaley, Founder of Tiger for a Day

Caroline began her career in the adventure travel business and did her MBA at Lancaster before joining Nike in 1996. She then spent the next 17 years as a Senior Brand Director and General Manager, living and/or working in Europe, Canada, USA and South America. Latterly, she joined the Nike Foundation to build a public-private partnership and to create brands that empower and shift social norms for teenage girls living in poverty across the world.

Having undertaken her coaching training in 2008, Caroline set up Tiger for a Day in 2014 to work with individuals and teams across the world that have huge ambitions and potential; people with the desire to go big, take risks, have greater impact and live bigger, extraordinary lives.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, she chooses to either work solo or to engage a variety of highly trusted and talented fellow Tigers she’s worked with for many years. ‘It keeps costs down, productivity high and plays to my belief that I’m always happy to admit when someone else can do it quicker and better!’  











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